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Welcome to Motor Treads! We are an independent tyre centre based in Taupo that offers a wide selection of tyres and services.

Tyres are the only thing connecting your vehicle to our roads in all weather conditions, making them the most important safety component of your vehicle.


Waikato is the most dangerous region with a staggering 75 deaths on our roads in 2019 alone, making it the highest in any region within New Zealand.

With this in mind we offer FREE tyre safety checks. Checking tyre pressure, tyre condition and tyre age can help reduce this toll by keeping you safe on our roads.

With support from some of the best brands in the world

From premium tyres to budget tyres, we’ve got everything you need to keep your vehicle safe and to meet your needs.

Performance tyres, 4×4 tyres fuel efficient tyres, quiet comfortable tyres right through to cheaper tyres.

Wheel Alignments

Importance of Wheel Alignments

Maintaining proper wheel alignment is essential to avoid unnecessary wear on your tyres, steering, suspension and brakes. Accurate wheel alignment optimises driving stability, maximises tyre life and improves your vehicle’s overall handling performance.


Koba Batteries are longer lasting batteries. We stock the full range of sealed maintenance free and accessible  batteries from KOBA for all automotive and commercial applications.

  • Enveloped Separator for low electric resistance Reliable starting power
  • Special Tissue for improvement of durability
  • Safety and reliability due to restraint to an inflow of outside sparks
  • Ultramicro fiber & Special tissue to increase durability of plate by reducing aging –rate of active material.
  • Reliable starting power
  • Excellent electrical performance (Minimum-self discharge)
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